How we got started!

Full Effect Outdoors started with Jeremy Pugh and Cody West becoming hunting and filming partners in 2012 & filming each other on occasion over a couple seasons. Cody ended up becoming a pro-staff for Hudalla Associates, and then also at Bear Archery. Cody got Jeremy a position with these companies as well and decided to start taking their filming to the next level. Originally named Traditions Outdoors; that name caused a lot of confusion with the muzzleloader manufacturing company, the name was changed to Full Effect Outdoors, LLC in which case the shows will be named “The Full Effect” (whitetail series) and “The Turkey Effect” (turkey series).

Our goal is to bring our outdoor experiences to you on your computer, tablet, and phone. Just go subscribe to our YouTube page to keep up with our videos. Also don't forget to "like" our Facebook page by simply searching "Full Effect Outdoors."