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Here at Full Effect Outdoors our objective is to secure the very best footage of our outdoor adventures. From planting food plots, securing leases, & hanging stands. From the beginning of the season, to the end of the season, & everything in between. Our successes and our failures. We learn each & every time we hunt. Join us in our journeys and subscribe to our YouTube channel as we try and update our viewers as regularly as possible. We want you to learn with us, and from us.



Cody West

Cody is from the Ozarks of southern Missouri and grew up playing in the outdoors and exploring the countryside. Whether is was small game such as squirrel or rabbit hunting, to big game deer hunting, he enjoyed every minute of it. Cody really started getting serious about bow hunting in his late teens and early twenties. Like most hunters, every time he goes out, he learns something new. The sheer beauty and calm of the outdoors really is a blessing that he does not take for granted. Cody met Jeremy Pugh in 2012 and immediately became hunting and filming partners, therefore Full Effect Outdoors was born. Originally known as Traditions Outdoors

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Jeremy Pugh


Luke Bland

Luke grew up in central Illinois where is father took him on his first whitetail hunt at the age of 6. He's been hooked on it ever since. His passion is bow hunting whitetails, but he also enjoys hunting waterfowl hunting, spring turkey, and doing a little predator control hunting for coyotes. Luke killed his first Mule deer in the fall of 2018 in Idaho. He's married to a wonderful woman and together they have a young daughter. He plans to teach his daughter the wonderful outdoors and pass along all the knowledge that he has to her.


Brett Ostmann


Jamie Bittick


Jeremy West

Jeremy grew up in the Ozarks of southern Missouri chasing deer, turkey, rabbit, and squirrel to name a few. There were days where Jeremy would get permission from his dad to skip a day of school for the opening day of a hunting season. Jeremy enjoys taking his two sons hunting more than hunting himself. He raises them to do as he did, treat each animal with respect and hunt ethically. As the older brother of Cody, Jeremy also had a big impact on the influence of the outdoors on Cody.


Kevin Nelson

Kevin is an avid outdoorsman from Florida, now resides in Georgia, and loves to bow hunt whitetails, fish, and spring turkey. Every year Kevin travels to Missouri to hunt whitetails in Northern Missouri. As a firefighter, Kevin understands the commitment that it takes to harvest an old whitetail. He relishes the challenge.

Jason Brook

Jason Brook

My name is Jason Brook. I Have a wonderful wife and four great kids. I've lived in rural southern Missouri my entire life. My family and I enjoy everything outdoors from hunting and fishing to camping. I mainly focus on deer hunting with my bow or rifle. I do enjoy the birds though whether it is the gobble of the big bird or the hard to hit dove. I also have the pleasure of guiding hunts at The Hunting Grounds. Where we have trophy whitetail and red stag. I truly enjoy taking my son, Ty, out hunting and watching him grow up to be closer to God in the outdoors and enjoying it like I do.


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